LED light source having glass heat pipe with fiberglass wick



Inventors/ Yaratıcılar

Johnston; David W. (Kensington, NH), Zaslavsky; Gregory (Marblehead, MA), Serre; Jeffery J. (Peabody, MA)

Abstract/ Özet

A light source (10) comprises a tubular glass heat pipe (12) having a given inside diameter ID. A tubular fiberglass wick (14) is positioned within the glass heat pipe (12). The fiberglass wick (14) has an outside diameter OD substantially equal to the given inside diameter ID and has a substantially centrally located open chamber (16) extending the length thereof. A quantity of an evaporable-condensable medium (17) is provided within the glass heat pipe (12) and a metal cap (18) selected from the group of glass-sealing metals and alloys is fixed to a proximal end (20) of the glass heat pipe (12). Heat dissipaters (22) are fixed to the distal end (24) of the heat pipe (12) and a light emitting diode (26) is fixed to the metal cap (18). Power conducting traces (28) are formed with the heat pipe (12) and are electrically connected to the light emitting diode (26). A lamp (40) can be formed with a plurality of the light sources (10).


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