R&D Services


R&D services; are offered by a highly skilled team of academicians, subject experts, researchers, industry representatives and leaders, graduate students and our partners highly motivated and focused on delivering the best technology solutions..

Common ground of our technology team is stirred with EVATEG’s vision and mission statements for global development and sustainability. Measurable outcomes will impact energy efficiency and create a greener environment.

Our technology development teams avoid bureaucracy to deliver accurate and fast results. We select project leaders with expertise, vision, clear thinking, openness, and high ethical values. In order to benefit from our R&D services, you can start to fill in request form.

Our center develops novel technologies for the thermal problems in electronics and lighting applications with modern modeling tools (ANSYS, FLUENT, COMSOL vb.) and validate with state of the art experimental studies. Current research and development (R&D) areas;

  • Microfluidcs cooling technologies
  • Air cooling (active or passive)
  • Heat sink optimization
  • Liquid cooling (single of multi-phase flows)
  • Heat pipes and meso scale vapor chambers
  • Quiet fan cooling technologies
  • Heat spreaders with advanced thermal materials (TPG, HOPG)
  • Low weight, innovative heat sink materials
  • New modeling solution approaches for tight space thermal problems fazlı),


Modern lighting simulation tools (LightTools, DiaLux) are used to determine local and global light distribution and validated with advanced testing techniques in your research and development project. Specific R&D studies are focused on;

  • LED light distribution
  • Light engine optical integration
  • System level light distribution
  • Optical component modeling and development
  • Photometric and radiometric measurements and validation
  • Tuning CRI and CCT for the desired lighting design conditions





EVATEG global team develops interior lighting, exterior lighting, and specialty lighting  applications and demonstrators with internal team at OzU and global partners with advanced R&D tools and methods. Current R&D areas in lighting technologies;

  • Development of LED light engine
  • Development of thermal models and thermal management options
  • Development of driver circuit and prototyping
  • Research thermal and optical relationship for system performance
  • System integration and experimental validation
  • Current system test, analysis and validation
  • Accelerated life testing at simulated application conditions



EVATEG center develops technology high efficiency optimized solutions for the current buildings and new construction for indoor and out door lighting applications. Current R&D activities can be listed as;

  • Testing and analysis of current lighting systems
  • Modeling buildings and lighting systems
  • Develop the most feasible lighting solutions and demonstration
  • Develop specialty lighting systems