Understanding Optical and Thermal Interaction for Advanced SMART LED TV Systems



 In many advanced electronics systems (cell phones, TV, GPS etc.), old fashioned display lighting technologies such as CFL and DLP cannot meet the requırements due to image quality, resolution, lifetime and large sizes so that recently new innovations have been necessary to meet the customer demand. For this reason, LED (light emitting diodes) based lighting has been under consideration and interest from both industry and academy has been growing exponentially. VESTEL AS, a leading Turkish electronics company, has been investing for the invention of novel thin, advanced LED TVs and today it sells a number of LED TVs. While current LED TVs are providing superior images, 3D capability and SMART TV features, new research has to be performed to compete with global manufacturers. In this project, we aim to study a novel LED packaging and integration technology for new generation LED TVs. This brings a number of challenges for optical, thermal, and packagıng designs. Therefore, we performed a SANTEZ project that brought industry and academia together to include science based approach in our next generation design and developed a masters thesis based on scientific findings. Major sections of this project are as the following:


  • Packaging of LEDs and system integration
  • Detailed optical and thermal designs
  • Designing and manufacturing an opto-thermal experimental set-up
  • Performing opto-thermal experiments, and developing a transfer function