Energy Efficient Lighting Technologies Research, Development, Training and Implementation Laboratory Development (EVATEG)


The primary goal of EVATEG project is to develop fundamental science and technologies related to solid-state lighting (SSL) in cooperation with governments, universities, and industrial partners worldwide.

This global research center also aims to develop common laboratory facilities that will be a key enabler for performing cutting-edge research, transferring technology and knowledge as well as demonstration of game-changing technologies and applications. This center welcomes global organizations for faster development of technology and rapid replacement old-fashioned poor performing products.

The EVATEG project aims to contribute to research, technology development and production of LED (light emitting diodes) technologies around the world; creating common laboratory facilities in order to facilitate the innovation, production and transfer of knowledge and technology; and minimize the cost of LEDs around the world through advanced models in a quest to make them more functional in collaboration with universities as well as government and private sector.

Energy production and efficient use of energy stands out among the policies developed by international actors against increased energy need. Expansion of industrial regions, population growth, faster consumption, failure to use resources efficiently and a number of other factors lead to energy bottleneck and environmental pollution as well as resource shortage. Therefore, it is highly imperative to create new projects that are jointly supported by government, private sector and universities and to raise awareness in order to overcome current challenges faced in the field of energy and reduce dependence to foreign energy import. To that end, EVATEG Project is designed to minimize the energy dependence of Turkey to external sources, boost the economy; and promote sustainable environmental policies. The project intends to promote the daily use of light emitting diodes (LED), the next generation lighting technology that is gradually becoming more visible in different areas of use both in Turkey and abroad. LED based lighting products are preferred for their efficiency, long life, environmental friendliness and light quality. Therefore the development and application of energy efficient lighting technologies is the core focus of the project. Thus, the project seeks to reduce our country’s currency loss due to its energy expenditures.

Accordingly the Research, Development, Training and Application Laboratory Project for Energy Efficient Technologies (EVATEG) was launched jointly by Özyeğin University and Şile Municipality on January 1, 2013 within the scope of the Istanbul Development Agency’s Knowledge-Based Financial Support Program for the Economic Development of Non-Profit Institutions in 2012. The EVATEG research, development, technology, training and application laboratory is equipped with the state-of-the art tools and equipment. Located at Özyeğin University, the EVATEG laboratory is home to world-class research which places a special emphasis on the development of knowledge-based innovative technology components.

Upon the launch of the laboratory, 11 faculty m embers and several support personnel from Özyeğin University, Yıldız Technical University, Sabancı University, Boğaziçi University, Şehir University, and Istanbul Technical University have started to study the sub-components of LED Technology. The team investigates the LED components in 11 sub-categories and draws a road map for the research projects to be undertaken for each sub-category.

Research and development efforts undertaken at EVATEG Laboratory are expected to yield invaluble outputs including international patents, publications and presentations. Furthermore, the project also entails the construction of an energy efficiency training and demonstration center, ŞED, in Şile, Istanbul. The building will be designed with a futuristic architectural style, and will contribute to raising the awareness of energy efficiency and project outputs, especially during the summer time when the daily volume of tourist is at its peak in Şile. The center will not only showcase the prototypes of LED sub-components but also will feature applied and visual exhibits about energy efficiency.

Moreover, an international workshop is organized in Şile to share knowledge and technology in the field of LED systems. The workshop will be open to faculty members from national and international universities as well as sectoral participants and public sector representatives. The workshop aims to build a cooperation network among universities, public and private sector to facilitate the production of advanced LED technologies in our country. The final session of the workshop will focus on the Şile Technology Valley; and will play a pivotal role in shaping the road map for future research and collaborations to build a Technology Valley in Şile.


Funding Source:  Istanbul Development Agency (ISTKA), Turkish Ministry of Development