Controlled Air-Flow for SLIM LED TVs and Impact on Thermal and Optical Performance


The thermal energy that is generated by the set of LED chips is transferred to the part of the TV by conduction. Considering that TV is assembled by many different electronic parts. Conduction is not always enough for heat dissipation. Insufficient and irregular thermal distribution causes high temperatures on the LED packages; and also causes inhomogeneity, MURA, light leakage as optical defects. Thermal problems are deeply concerned by global TV manufacturers.

The scope of this project, aims to reduce the LED package temperature and component temperature within using controlled air flow and convection. This project involves numerical models and experimental validation. Analytic and CFD models are constructed to work on the air input and output to the TV system. The numerical models will be validated and corrected by experimental workout. The most important problem is to prevent the whole system from outside agents like particles, and humidity etc. For that reason, using special fabricated air-flow system is crucially important.